A Simple Switch to a Smart Home


​Wake up to Coffee

Make old dumb appliances smart.

​Works with Alexa

"Alexa, ask SwitchBot to

turn off bedroom light."

People like SwitchBot

Proven track records on 

Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

​1000's of possibilities

​IFTTT, open API and more.

What comes next?

New sensors and robots to retrofit curtains and toggle switches (unsupported currently) are coming soon. Subscribe below for updates!

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What most people are buying?

Cameron T, Google Play comments

High utility product, has lots of little additional aspects that let me use it in a lot of situations that other devices wouldn't be able to. App has more settings than expected for customising the utility you are after. Can easily see myself buying more in the future.


... everything around us is getting smarter, it doesn't necessarily mean they're becoming simpler, too. With this in mind, the Wonder Tech Lab team created SwitchBot.

Stephen Chu, Kickstarter backer

It is really good to have firmware upgrade and continuous improvement. This let me recall my feeling of using iphone 3GS, when I have surprise regularly.

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Wonderlabs is dedicated to designing and creating the most innovative smart home products. SwitchBot has an ambition to make your life simpler with the most affordable way.
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